Personal Threat Management

The practitioner's guide to keeping clients safer

Philip Grindell

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Take the guesswork out of protecting clients.

Public figures are increasingly receiving death threats. Ordinary people are struggling with toxic behaviour in the workplace. Psychological and reputational harm are both on the rise. How can security and HR professionals identify, assess, and manage targeted threats smarter in what feels like an ever more dangerous world?

Drawing on the latest research and methodologies used by government departments, Philip Grindell, one of the world’s most trusted leaders and advisors in lone actor, fixated, and workplace threats, provides a proven, science-based framework together with practical personal security measures that will help you take the guesswork out of helping clients and colleagues feel safer.

Bringing together elements of forensic psychology, protective intelligence, and personal safety, and with contributions from experts including former members of the FBI and US Secret Service, forensic psychologists and protection specialists, he sets out a practical blueprint for an intelligence-led response to some of the most challenging security threats we face today.

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Stalking, Intelligence, Psychology, Terrorism, Work-Related Violence, Targeted Violence, Security