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The Newborn as a Person

Enabling Healthy Infant Development Worldwide

Bonnie Petrauskas, J. Kevin Nugent, T. Berry Brazelton, et al.

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Advances in the fields of psychology and psychiatry have bolstered the perspective that infants are not the passive recipients of sensory stimulation as it was once thought. Built on T. Berry Brazelton s paradigm-shifting work on the individuality of infants, this book provides relevant information on the necessity for family-centered intervention in the newborn period. Coverage is wide-ranging, authoritative, and practical. This landmark collection includes contributions from T. Berry Brazelton, Tiffany Field, Rachel Keen, and many others. Pediatric professionals will receive practical guidance to support families, immediately beginning in the newborn period.


s actual functioning andareas of competence. Due to the fact that, at present, 94 percentif the studies on infant development come from North America orEurope (Celia, 2004), the knowledge we have of infant development,as well as the theoretical frameworks we have for interpreting it,is based on observations conducted in highly specific contexts. Across cultural viewpoint is thus critical to afford a broadervision of the infant as he or she is shaped by a range of culturalcontexts. The last part of the book points to future directions. It opens thediscussion on how the new body of knowledge gained through the NBASshould be integrated with the second major revolution of thecentury--that of the brain--and incorporated into policy making andprofessional training for those who care for newborns and theirfamilies. --Reviewed by Ruth Feldman and Dalia Silberstein (Online reviewsJournal of the American Psychological Association. September9, 2009 edition, Volume 54, Issue 36).
The Newborn as a Person: Enabling Healthy Infant DevelopmentWorldwide is a tribute to these 35 years of clinical andempirical use of the NBAS and attests to its immense impact on theway we conceptualize the infant. Its chapters are short and userfriendly; provide concrete clinical examples; cover a range oftopics; and are written by neonatalogists, pediatricians,psychologists, nurses, anthropologists, occupational therapists,social workers, and psychiatrists, all with hands-on experience inneonatal care. The first part of the book provides a historicalperspective on newborn behavior and early relationship research,addressing some of the changes the field has experienced during thelast three and a half decades. In the second part, clinicians and researchers from around theworld present current studies and contemporary practices of newborncare, discuss the effects of early interventions with infants andfamilies, and describe new approaches to the education and trainingof health care professionals. This section presents a range oftopics- from longitudinal follow-ups of premature infants that linklong-term outcomes to NBAS factors measured at birth, to theeffects of massage, to relationship-based interventions in ruraland urban settings and across the world. Of special interest to us is the description of the interfacebetween neonate and culture, as discussed by Super and Harknessfollowing their experience with the Kipsigis of Kenya. Theydemonstrate that cultural meaning systems, child care practices,and daily routines not only define the way mothers perceive theirinfants but also shape the newborn'
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