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Therapy and Beyond

Counselling Psychology Contributions to Therapeutic and Social Issues

Martin Milton (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Therapy and Beyond: Counselling Psychology Contributions toTherapeutic and Social Issues presents an overview of theorigins, current practices, and potential future of the disciplineof counselling psychology. * Presents an up-to-date review of the knowledge base behind thediscipline of counselling psychology that addresses the notion ofhuman wellbeing and critiques the concept of'psychopathology' * Includes an assessment of the contributions that counsellingpsychology makes to understanding people as individuals, in theirworking lives, and in wider social domains * Offers an overview of counselling psychology's contributionsbeyond the consulting room, including practices in the domain ofspirituality, the arts and creative media, and the environmentalmovement * Critiques contemporary challenges facing research as well asthe role that research methods have in responding to questionsabout humanity and individual experience


--Professor Robert Bor, Lead ConsultantPsychologist, Royal Free Hospital London and Director, DynamicChange Consultants Ltd
'Anyone who needs to be convinced of the relevance andcontribution of counselling psychology to modern therapeuticpractice and to its vibrancy, creativity and penetration intocontemporary contexts should look no further than this excellentbook. It breaks new ground by challenging the reader - bothtrainees and experienced practitioners alike - to criticallyreflect on the diverse practice and meanings of modern counsellingpsychology and psychotherapy. Martin Milton and his colleagues areto be congratulated on this groundbreakingbook.'
--Pamela E.James, Professor of Counselling Psychology, Liverpool John MooresUniversity, UK
'Staff and alumni from Surrey University have writtenabout aspects of counselling psychology ranging from spirituality,sexuality, the arts and creative media, and the environment.Contemporary challenges regarding research into human individualexperiences are also explored. Chapters are characterised by theirdepth of writing in the discipline of counselling psychology, whichis in contrast to current unitheoretical and sometimes manualisedways of working with human distress.'
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