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The Prenatal Person

Ethics from Conception to Birth

Norman M. Ford

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This text addresses the host of ethical questions that has arisenrecently in response to the development of new reproductivetechnologies. * Addresses the ethical questions which have arisen in responseto new reproductive technologies. * Helps students of theology, philosophy and health studies, aswell as lay readers tackle these issues. * Provides readers with relevant medical and scientificfacts. * Explains how different metaphysical frameworks affect the waysin which people solve these ethical problems. * Topics covered include human embryo and embryonic cell stemresearch, infertility and its treatments, and prenatal screeningand diagnosis. * The author takes a balanced approach, acknowledging his loyaltyto Catholicism, yet exploring freely the new options provided byadvancing biological science.


Peter Singer,Princeton University
"The Prenatal Person is a welcome contribution to dialoguebetween adherents of Christian and secular approaches tocontroversial bioethical issues about the beginning of human life.It is refreshing to find a Catholic scholar addressing these issuesin a way that does not rely heavily on religious teachings thatonly a Catholic could be expected to accept. This is a book I willrecommend to my students, so that they can consider a reasonedapproach that is very different to my own."
The Tablet
"...there are many useful insights and The PrenatalPerson is helped by attention to detail in medical matters."



Religion u. Theologie, Philosophie, Applied Ethics, Moral Theology / Christian Ethics, Angewandte Ethik, Moraltheologie, christliche Ethik, Philosophy, Religion & Theology