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Treating Drinkers and Drug Users in the Community

Tom Waller, Daphne Rumball

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Treating Drinkers and Drug Users in the Community is thesecond book in a new collection from Addiction Press. AddictionPress was set up with the express purpose of communicating currentideas and evidence in this expanding field, not only to researchersand practising health professionals, but also to policy makers,students and interested non-specialists. These publications aredesigned to address the significant challenges that addictionpresents to modern society. The drugs field has undergone a phase of rapid change in recentyears and all the non-medical treatment interventions for thosewith alcohol problems and dependence can be equally helpful fordrug users. This has opened the way for unification of alcohol anddrug treatment services at a clinical level, with potential formore efficient service provision and for effective interventionswhich can be readily adopted in a wide range of settings. Moderndrug and alcohol services and all professionals working withsubstance users will benefit from the initiatives and proceduresdiscussed in this book. Key features * Describes a wide range of treatments for young people andadults with drug and alcohol dependence * Integrates alcohol and drug prevention and treatment * Provides an invaluable and accessible guide for many differentprofessionals * Sets out assessment criteria, questionnaires, and a jointtreatment framework


(Alcohol & Alcoholism, March2009)
"The book is going to prove to be an extremely useful resource forclinical staff."
-Professor David Clark, Drink and Drug News, July 2006
"Waller & Rumball's book has two outstanding features.First, it achieves admirably its ambition of being a thoroughlypractical and eminently useful, modern guide to treatment andpreventive work with alcohol and drug users. Secondly, an accurateempathy with the experiences of those suffering from alcohol anddrug problems and a sincere respect for them as unique individualsis obvious on every page. For these reasons alone, the book ishighly recommended for specialists in the field and thosegeneralists who come into contact with alcohol and drug problems intheir work." (Addiction, Vol 101: 1, January 2006)"Only just seen this classic - how have I have missed it? This booklooks at a wide range of interventions that can be used to helpdifferent people with different drug and alcohol problems at allstages. A breath of fresh air and a 'must read' for allpractitioners and commissioners in the field."
-Clare Gerada, Psychiatric Bulletin, 2006
"The excellent book Treating Drinkers and Drug Users in theCommunity by Daphne Rumball, an addiction specialist, and thelate Tom Waller...describes the treatment options for substancemisuse - focusing on psychosocial interventions, many of which canbe carried out in a community and indeed primary care setting. Theevidence in support of the treatments is well presented and thebook is superbly referenced, acting as a valuable resource forfurther study. The book is well written and is accessible toprofessionals and the general public. It goes without saying thatthis book will provide an invaluable source of information.moreover it is a scholarly text and extremely well written. Istrongly recomend this book and hope that in time it will become aclassic."
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