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Theology in the Public Square

Church, Academy, and Nation

Gavin D'Costa

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This imaginative study rethinks the nature of theology and its rolein universities. * The author sketches out a fascinating project using examplesfrom US and UK institutions, whereby theology becomes atransformative force within universities. * Imagines what a Christian university, in which all disciplineshave been theologized, would look like. * Feeds into discussions about the religious identity ofdenominationally-linked colleges and universities. * Forms part of a wider attempt to imagine a vital public rolefor theology that enables it to serve both the Church and the widercommunity.


"D'Costa sets out his argument with clarity and skill ... Animportant book, relevant not only for discussions about the futureof theology in the academy but of religion in public life."
(TheGospel and Our Culture)
"This is an important book and I hope augurs more interactionbetween out different Christian educational traditions."
A well argued book ... D'Costa has an invaluable argumenton the key place of theology within the life of a faith.(Anvil)
--Paul J. Griffiths, University of Illinois
"A stimulating read ... Contains absorbing views on a widerange of current issues such as identity, secularization, ethicsand politics ... A timely and relevant challenge for thoseinvolved with Church or university theology in today's religiouslyvolatile world." (International Journal of PublicTheology)"A powerful and serious theological argument - essential readingfor anyone who wants to think seriously about the future ofuniversities in the west, and most especially, in these troubledtimes, about the relevance of the practice and study of religion towhat the west may become."
--William L. Portier, University of Dayton
"In this timely work, Gavin D'Costa has caught thepost-liberal/post-conservative wave sweeping over English-languagetheology. Picking up on Alisdair MacIntyre's suggestion that apluralism of rival universities would foster real difference betterthan pluralistic universities, he argues for a strong-case Catholicuniversity. Such a university would require both ecclesial theologyand theological religious studies. In this book, D'Costa performsboth. His treatment of theology, its relation to prayer andexegesis, and its place in the university will energize readers whoare tired of the same old theological thing."



Religion u. Theologie, Contemporary Theology, Religion & Theology, Moderne Theologie