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Doing Social Psychology Research

Glynis M. Breakwell (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


This practical text introduces students to all the principal datacollection methods and data analyses used in socialpsychology. * * A student-friendly introduction to the data collection methodsand data analyses used in social psychology. * Describes the principal research methods and shows how they canbe applied to particular research questions. * Each chapter is written by a psychologist well known for usingthe method they describe. * Methods presented include conducting surveys, constructingquestionnaires, facilitating focus groups, running interviews, andusing archival recordings. * Topics used to illustrate these methods include identityprocesses, attribution, stereotyping, attitude change, socialinfluence, communication, and group dynamics. * Includes step-by-step exercises for students and notes forcourse leaders.


Sonia Livingstone, Professor of Social Psychology,LSE
"An indispensible volume for research training in socialpsychology, this book impresses for the wealth of teaching andresearch experience underpinning every chapter, confidently leadingthe student from introductory through to advanced aspects of a widerange of methods. Doing Social Psychology successfullyconveys not only the rationale, key decisions and practicalitieswhich every student should know but also communicates theexcitement and commitment which makes for high quality research."
NickEmler, Professor of Social Psychology, University ofSurrey
"With an impressive cast of contributors and a comprehensivetreatment of the research approaches on offer in the discipline,this book should earn the gratitude of social psychology teacherseverywhere. Doing social psychology is about using the tools ofresearch to answer particular questions with evidence; this bookwill help and encourage students to open the tool box."
Peter Smith, Professor ofSocial Psychology, University of Sussex
"This revised and extended volume presents clear and practicalguidance on learning how to use the research methods that are mostwidely used by contemporary British social psychologists. In theprocess, it also provides useful introductions to many of theircurrent cutting-edge research topics."
Psychology inSociety, Issue 31, 2005
"Readers of the book would argue that the most outstandingfeature of this text is its stand-alone usefulness as a source ofreferences... Used correctly the contents of this book will provehelpful for new social psychology researchers wanting to betterunderstand one of the particular research methods included and gainconfidence through practice in its application."
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