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The Blackwell Guide to Theology and Popular Culture

Kelton Cobb

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The Blackwell Guide to Theology of Popular Culture outlinesvarious general theories of popular culture, identifies theologiansand theological concepts that are conducive to analyzing popularculture, and explores religious themes that are assertingthemselves through popular movies, novels, music, television showsand advertising. * A timely examination and contribution to the rapidly expandingfield of theology and popular culture * Locates the theological analysis of culture alongsidepolitical, sociological, economic, aesthetic and psychologicalanalyses * Surveys the work of religious and theological scholars who haveturned their attention to popular culture * Considers classic Christian thinkers who have wrestled withculture, such as St. Paul, Tertullian, Augustine, Schleiermacher,Tillich, and Ricoeur * Proposes a method for analysing culture to discern itsreligious content * Identifies religious themes in popular culture * Uses illustrations, ranging from the fiction of Nick Hornby toSix Feet Under * An appendix provides lists of films, novels, television series,consumer products, architectural works, cultural events, andcorporate icons that lend themselves to theological analysis.


Richard J. Mouw, FullerTheological Seminary
"Kelton Cobb draws on insights from a variety of disciplinesto provide us with a ground-breaking theological investigation ofpopular culture. Offering a highly nuanced alternative to both theelite despisers and the uncritical celebrants, he probes the waysin which profound spiritual impulses are often at work just belowthe surface of popular culture. This book will serve as animportant reference point for all future studies in thisincreasingly important field."
Gary Laderman, Emory University
"What makes this theologically-informed analysis so usefulis Cobb's creative engagement with popular culture that istheoretically grounded in cultural studies as well as theologicalstudies. This strikes me as a major contribution to the culturalstudy of religions and the theological study of cultures. "
Journal of Contemporary Religion, Vol21, No 3
"There is much to commend in Cobb's book. It is well-written, itis grounded in careful scholarship (and an evident love for thesubject), and it makes some very stimulating connections betweentheology and popular culture... The book will be particularlyuseful for theology students who are new to the discipline ofcultural studies and will find it valuable in beginning to makeconnections between their existing theological knowledge and thestudy of popular culture."



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