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The 112 Meditations From the Book of Divine Wisdom

The meditations from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, with commentary and guided practice

Lee Lyon

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The 112 Meditations from the Book of Divine Wisdom is a translation of the meditations from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, a revered 8th century text from the Shaivite Tantric tradition of Kashmir, India. It has been rendered into English with commentary and guided practices by Lee Lyon, a teacher of meditation to more than ten thousand people worldwide, who has studied and taught this text for over forty years.

Although written over a thousand years ago, the ideas and practices in this much loved text are timeless in nature, and reflect strikingly modern sensibilities. The meditations are well known for their wholehearted engagement of all aspects of life, even the traditionally 'non-spiritual', including yogic practices, emotions, the delight of the senses, sexuality, natural states of wonder, beauty, bliss and the experience of Oneness.

The text, however, is more than just a collection of extraordinary and powerful meditation instructions. It embodies an ecstatic and life affirming world view that evolved into the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism in the centuries that followed its writing. Rather than conceptualizing spirituality, in these meditations it is approached more like music or art. We can feel the tradition's direct contact with life—intimate, kind, amused, amazed, delighted—always trying to get us to relate to our experience, to life, to actually engage it rather than just observe or be mindful of it.

Although traditionally considered a text for advanced meditators, many people with no formal experience in meditation have extraordinary shifts in consciousness using these practices. Even people who think themselves incapable of meditating find themselves easily entering new and altered states.

Each original Sanskrit verse has been translated as literally as possible to help convey the actual meditation instruction embedded in the rich, multidimensional original. A short commentary and an example of how each meditation might be practiced, have been added after each verse to help explain the instruction.

There are many different types of meditation in the text, recognizing always the incredible richness and uniqueness of our individual consciousness. As the text progresses, contemplative practices are woven in, culminating in some of the world’s most sublime meditations on Oneness. By repeatedly encouraging us to see the spontaneous unity behind the surface appearance of life, and to step into our true Self, the text holds its place as one of the crown jewels of human thought.

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