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Lazy Lama looks at The Six Paramitas

Ringu Tulku

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"I think everything that we need to improve our world, our society and our humanity is in the Six Paramitas. These practices can make our lives good temporarily, as well as bringing lasting peace and happiness. 

This is an approach based on compassion, on wishing to help not only myself, but all of us together. The attitude is not "I and you," but "me and we." Someone who has the courage or heart for this approach is called a Bodhisattva; and this awakening is not only of yourself, but of everybody." 

The Six Paramitas, or "transcendent perfections," contain all the skills needed for taming the mind and opening the heart. Paramita is a Sanskrit word. Para means "beyond" and "the further shore" and mita, means "that which has arrived." So, broadly speaking, Pāramitā, means "that which has gone to the further shore." 

For beginners, "the further shore" seems very far away. We can feel overwhelmed before we even set out. But in this, the eighth book of the Lazy Lama series, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche helps us to understand how the path of the bodhisattva is possible for all of us. 

In providing this wonderful bridge on the journey from here to the further shore, Rinpoche reveals the Six Paramitas as bodhicitta in action, rather than an unattainable state of perfection. Through his wisdom and great compassion, warm humour and unfailing patience, Rinpoche shows us how these profound teachings are essential to our lives, especially in these times of stress and great uncertainty.



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