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Moving from IBM® SPSS® to R and RStudio®

A Statistics Companion

Howard T. Tokunaga

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Are you a researcher or instructor who has been wanting to learn R and RStudio®, but you don′t know where to begin? Do you want to be able to perform all the same functions you use in IBM® SPSS® in R? Is your license to IBM® SPSS® expiring, or are you looking to provide your students guidance to a freely-available statistical software program? 

Moving from IBM® SPSS® to R and RStudio®: A Statistics Companion 
is a concise and easy-to-read guide for users who want to know learn how to perform statistical calculations in R. Brief chapters start with a step-by-step introduction to R and RStudio, offering basic installation information and a summary of the differences. Subsequent chapters walk through differences between SPSS and R, in terms of data files, concepts, and structure. Detailed examples provide walk-throughs for different types of data conversions and transformations and their equivalent in R. Helpful and comprehensive appendices provide tables of each statistical transformation in R with its equivalent in SPSS and show what, if any, differences in assumptions factor to into each function. Statistical tests from  t-tests to ANOVA through three-factor ANOVA and multiple regression and chi-square are covered in detail, showing each step in the process for both programs. By focusing just on R and eschewing detailed conversations about statistics, this brief guide gives adept SPSS® users just the information they need to transition their data analyses from SPSS to R.

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