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Welcoming God's Word

Reading with Head and Heart

Bill Bagents

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Welcoming God's Word: Reading with Head and Heart invites a fresh and refreshing hearing of the Bible. While the content of Scripture remains securely fixed by God, our ability to understand deepens and broadens with faith, prayer, experience, and encouragement. While the message remains solid, application is ever fresh. Bible study is presented as an adventure that never ends. There's always something noteworthy; always something challenging and creative; always something rich, rewarding, and relevant to the needs of the hour.

Welcoming God's Word models consistent respect for the Bible as God's holy, loving, and life-changing word through 120 brief essays. Initial articles present the attitudes and skills essential for faithful hearing. Subsequent essays explore application of those attitudes and skills-which welcome thought, challenge assumptions, and promote spiritual growth when practically employed.

Because He loves us, God calls us to hear Him well. Because we love Him, we must answer that call. Thus, Welcoming God's Word is a series of invitations to hear God well and to let Him help us live in His grace. Enjoy the adventure.

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