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God's Whistleblower

Janice H. Robinson

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


We're in a season of unprecedented life-changing situations and circumstances. With COVID-19 and its effects on our lives--horrific death tolls, food shortages, and unemployment being at an all-time high--we are out of patience with unnecessary foolishness, lies, and deceptions of any kind. I believe that God will work it all out for our good and restore us in a mighty way, but I admonish you to use wisdom with your finances and increases that God blesses you with this time. Keep in mind that the church leaders are in collusion all across the world and will be coming for your increase with a vengeance once this pandemic eases up, and they can install that tithing lie back into its rightful place. Many have tried to tell you the truth about tithing, but now it's my assignment, and I won't fail. Indisputable evidence along with plain old common sense--check it out for yourself.


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