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Psychology in Probation Services

David A. Crighton (Hrsg.), Graham J. Towl (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


This book serves as a route map for psychologists and probationofficers working in probation services. * * Outlines the strategic framework for psychological servicesacross prisons and probation. * Gives an up-to-date picture of some key emerging areas ofapplied psychological practice in probation settings. * Covers the development of applied psychological services, courtwork, mental health, working with sex offenders, risk assessment,group work, cognitive skills, multi-agency public protectionpanels, and lifer assessments. * The editors are Deputy Head and Head of Psychology for Prisonsand Probation Services, and therefore well placed to compile thisbook. * Complements Graham Towl's book Psychology inPrisons (BPS Blackwell, 2003).


Rod Morgan, Chairman, YouthJustice Board, formerly HM Chief Inspector of Probation
"A comprehensive introduction, from an operational standpoint, ofthe role of psychology and psychologists in the Probation Serviceas it is and might develop, for both students and practitioners.Everything from basic risk assessment to MAPPA and work with lifesentence prisoners is covered."
Stephen Shaw, Prisons and Probation Ombudsman forEngland and Wales
"This is a timely, elegant and wide-ranging collection ofessays. It will prove of value and interest not only toprofessional psychologists and those working in probation but toall those seeking to identify 'what works' in the criminal justicesystem."
Sharon Riordan, Lecturer in ForensicMental Health Care, University of Birmingham
"A very practical and informative book that clearly illustratesthe contribution and potential contribution that applied psychologycan make to the care of offenders and victims in the community, aswell as to those working with these individuals within theprobation services. It is clearly written and will make a usefulcontribution to the knowledge base around the issues discussed andwill inform both clinicians working in the field and alliedservices, plus academics and students studying in a variety ofrelated disciplines."
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