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Evaluating Research Methods in Psychology

A Case Study Approach

George Dunbar

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Using a series of over 40 case studies, this valuable textillustrates the processes and pitfalls involved in evaluatingpsychological research. * * Invites students to consider whether the conclusion drawn at theend of each case is correct, or whether the results could have analternative explanation. * Cross-referencing between sections is made easy by pagereferences that link the case studies and explanations. * Cases reflect the range of research methods taught atundergraduate level and include qualitative research. * Gives students an understanding of methodologicalproblems. * Equips students to critically evaluate published research. The author and publishers have made every effort to be fair tothe authors of the research described in this book. Like allsciences, psychology is forged in the fire of criticism andrefinement, and we hope that the original researchers willunderstand that any criticism is made with the utmost respect. Ifyou are an author of one of the pieces of research mentioned in thebook and would like to respond to the critique presented, pleasee-mail your comments to Andrew McAleer


Dr Garry Wilson,psychology research skills instructor, University ofLincoln
"A thoroughly engaging book which carries the reader from oneintriguing set of questions to another, this is an absorbing readwhich provides a real stimulant for student project ideas and awonderful source of ideas for tutorial topics. I would certainlywant my students to read it!" Hugh Foot, University ofStrathclyde <!--end--> "An excellent supplement to courses in experimental researchmethods, critical thinking, problem solving, and cognitivepsychology. Instructors can easily select course-appropriate casesto increase the depth of student's knowledge and understanding ofmaterial." Dr Kirsten Rewey, psychology research methodsinstructor, Minnesota "Dunbar's book fills a gap in undergraduate research methodstexts. Often texts illustrate aspects of statistics using actualstudies but just give general guidance on other aspects of studydesign. Here, Dunbar has provided undergraduate readers with a wellselected, interesting set of illustrative examples that illuminatethese other, often neglected, aspects of research design. This bookwill be a useful source for anyone involved in the teaching ofundergraduate research methods. Students will find the book'sorganisation guides them through a variety of aspects of studydesign and highlights the potential pitfalls with concrete examplesof good (and less good...) practice."
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