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Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities and the Aging Process

Philip Davidson (Hrsg.), Matthew Janicki (Hrsg.), Vee Prasher (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


This book is the third in a series with the InternationalAssociation for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities(Series Editor: Matthew P. Janicki). These publications aredesigned to address the issues of health, adult development andaging among persons with intellectual disabilities. For many years it has been recognized that some adults withintellectual disabilities are at elevated risk for mental andbehavioral health problems. Often the aging process can complicatethe identification, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of thistype of dual diagnosis and present complex challenges to cliniciansand carers. This book is designed as a practical resource for thoseinvolved with the support, care and treatment of persons withintellectual disabilities, and should prove particularly useful asthis community achieves increased longevity. The book is dividedinto three parts: Prevalence and Characteristics; Diagnosis andTreatment; and Service System Issues.

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Learning Disability, Psychologie, Lernstörungen, Psychology, Aging & Adult Development, Altern, Entwicklung Erwachsener