Egoless Elders

How to Cultivate Church Leaders to Handle Church Conflicts

Michael Cannon Loehrer

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Egoless Elders is specifically designed to cultivate church leaders to handle church conflicts. If church leaders will humble themselves and exalt Jesus, they will more closely and consistently walk and talk with God. As leaders humbly commune with God, they will generate graciousness in the church and exemplify sacrificial service. These things will reduce conflict and cultivate peace among God's people. Measures of accountability are included to help leaders sustain this ministry focus. Egoless Elders captures both the character God desires for His servants as well as the journey He requires for their spiritual maturity, vividly painting a picture in a most understandable manner to a culture addicted to self, even within the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Robert Doleshal, senior pastor of Desert View Baptist Church, Gilbert, Arizona How to Cultivate Church Leaders to Handle Church Conflicts If those involved in church conflict read Egoless Elders, they will realize why church leadership becomes dysfunctional; learn how to sustain fellowship with God and team members; actively participate in restoring functional harmony to the church; pray effectively in faith for problems in the church. Because Egoless Elders will differentiate between natural and spiritual styles of leadership and distinguish legalistic techniques from gracious treatment; outline simple steps for self-examination and peer accountability so leaders can get together and get along; generate specific situations so leaders can examine themselves before the Lord and evaluate their effectiveness while working with one another; help leaders participate in peaceful, joyful meetings that restore hope through effective and fervent prayer.

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