Biological Psychiatry

A Review of Recent Advances

J. R. Smythies

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Biological Psychiatry: A Review of Recent Advances describes the developments in biological psychiatry. This book discusses the theories in the complex field of human disease, particularly psychiatric disease. Organized into six chapters, this book begins with an overview of the etiology and genetic basis of schizophrenia. This text then examines the various physiological and biochemical variables in schizophrenics. Other chapters consider the two types of depression, namely, reactive and endogenous. This book discusses as well the criteria of what symptom complexes constitute a particular psychiatric disease. The role of the brain in the control of learning, memory, behavior, and emotion is also reviewed. The final chapter deals with the psychoanalytic theory, which consists of a complex of theories of three various types. This book is a valuable resource for psychiatrists and physicians. Research workers in the various disciplines of neurobiology that encroach upon psychiatry will also find this book useful.

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