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Hope Amongst the Hopeless

Halina B. Slowik

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Hope as described today is unreasonable in the hearts and minds of many. It transcends the truth of one’s dreams and aspirations. It holds false promises to many of poverty and hopelessness. In Hope Amongst the Hopeless, author Halina B. Slowik announces the World has found a new hope: peace for all for all time.

For the last twenty years, Halina has been journaling with the Lord. He prompted the writing of this book through interior locution, narrating to her and describing the new trajectory of the World in acquiring peace and hope for the hopeless. The peace He speaks of is that of universal peace, enlightening the hearts and minds of all by removing negative thoughts, hostility, unkindness and greed.

In this communication, He shares His Father’s hope that all mankind will come to reason that kindness, love, and giving of self will transform today’s World into a World of hopeful living for all.

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Love, Forgiveness, God, Truth of His Ways, Hope, Peace, Faith