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Getting to the Heart

A Journey of Soul Transformation and Enlightenment

Athene Raefiel

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Getting to the Heartis a book filled with information that helps individuals understand the soul's journey and it's importance. Many spiritual and personal growth topics are explained in short excerpts that can be easily read and understood. The main theme of this book is to transform soul consciousness through understanding and using the Aura and Chakra centers. This unique book gives a complete explanation of what chakras are and how to align and activate them to help oneself. Getting to the Heart also explains the Art of Meditation, the Astral Plane, The Souls Journey and so much more. This book embodies teachings of Spiritual Initiation and Empowerment. Part two of Getting to the Heart is an amazing workbook designed and filled with exercises that walk individuals through step by step processes for clearing old emotional baggage and creating new feelings of love and joy in life. These powerful exercises cover Forgiveness, Affirmations, Re-Programming, Self -Dialog and Visualization. Rarely can one find all of these tools melded together to show how they work hand in hand with one another. Getting to the Heart is a must for those wishing to explore and expand consciousness.

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