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Finding Comfort During Hard Times

A Guide to Healing after Disaster, Violence, and Other Community Trauma

Earl Johnson

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Finding Comfort is a book about easing grief and trauma after unimaginable horrors – mass shootings, catastrophic natural disasters and terrorist acts. Personal recollections of responding to tragedy, combined with a practical application, Earl Johnson offers readers the tools they need to seek support and offer it to those in need. The book walks through the life-cycle of disaster care from the first hours and days to the years that follow.

Having been a care provider in a variety of events, Johnson shares valuable wisdom from those who have worked in the worst situations. Whether you’re a first responder, a care professional, a victim of a disaster, a family member, or following a disaster on television or social media, Finding Comfort gives readers guidance and support. Readers don’t have to wait for tragedy. this work helps one be prepared through examples and practical suggestions. This book is a ready resource to both those in need looking for help and to those wishing to provide it.

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