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Unity in the Diversity of Different Religions

A Compilation of Inspiring Quotes and Stories from Many Faiths

Daljit Singh Jawa

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


In the present book entitled Unity in the Diversity of Different Religions, with the help of specific quotes and many true or mythical stories, the author illustrates that even though religions of the world may appear very different from one another in their rituals or ways of worship, at their core, they all teach us to be good human beings. They all teach us to practice virtues (like love, compassion, and forgiveness) and to forsake sinful tendencies (like lust, anger, greed, and ego). The author hopes that the readers would enjoy these quotes and stories and find that beside their own religion, other religions also have good things to tell, which we need to share with our friends, particularly young children, so that this world may eventually become like heaven on earth, where people of all faiths are blossoming and spreading their beauty and fragrance for all to enjoy. Cover design by Dan Pasley Topeka, Kansas, USA. All rights reserved ©2017.

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Unity, Diversity, Religions