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Hide Me

Safety in the Secret Place of the Most High

Rosemond Opare-Kumi

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


“Hide Me” is a composite prayer book that responds to current needs of believers. It is an urgent call to discard materialistic content of individual and church prayer bulletins and replace with proactive, prophetic and spiritual items of eternal value. The material things believers pray fervently about are already in His care but shall perish anyway at His appearing. The shift in focus of the prayer content is therefore the wisest move given that, the count down to His coming is getting lower each day. And unless this shift occurs, hearts might disappointingly follow where treasures have been stored and the long wait for Him would be baseless. Ceaseless and fervent prayer which avails much requires dedication, effort and time. Why would any believer invest time and effort praying for things that are temporary and bound to perish at the expense of the eternal? “Hide Me”provides 35 customized and personalized prayers that will hide you in safety in Him. They have the spiritual content based on prayers of the selected old testament prophets, Jesus’ prayers, the Apostles prayers and selected Psalms. In addition, it teaches how to customize spiritual and prophetic content of the Bible into personal and congregational prayer. Covet spiritual-content prayer and let God hide you in His most secret place of prayer as you use this prayer book. Keep it close by and pray from it until the content becomes second nature. Every believer is hidden in Christ and Christ in God and it takes the right prayer to sustain the communication. “Hide Me” is the third in the series of “The TREASURE”. The first two are: “The TREASURE” and “A Tender Shepherd”.

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