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Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend

Good Girls & Demons

Allyson J. Myers

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Brenna was focused on solving the mystery of The Black Orlov, but in the process she uncovered more than she bargained for. What happens when the mysteries surrounding her career begin to cross with the mysteries surrounding her heart?

Brenna McKay got the offer of her career. She was just an intern, but she’d been called upon to assist the heads of the Archaeogemology department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in identifying a rare black diamond. She learned soon enough that the 666 carat diamond was one of the top ten cursed gemstones in human history called The Black Orlov, but that wasn’t the true mystery. The location it was found, the items found with it, and era of the sediment all contradicted each other. Brenna took the items home to research the dissimilarities.

But she was soon to find out that the mystery of the black diamond was so much more than she thought. Brenna was attacked almost immediately leaving the museum, rescued by a man just as fierce and large as her assailant. Then promptly kidnapped. March, her dubious savior, explained the reality that was The Black Orlov, and why so many people have died terribly since it was discovered. 

The time Brenna and March spend together putting the pieces of a grandiose puzzle together would reveal more than just answers about the diamond to her. Who were the people out to kill her? What was so important about the black diamond? And most importantly, who or what was the man she was falling for?

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