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Behind the Scenes

Volume 1

Antonette Smith

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Behind the Scenes is the sequel to The Real Antonette Come Forth book series. Behind the Scenes is just what the title means-behind all the frontage you've seen and read concerning her life. The process to her freedom was a journey in itself. Many dead-end roads she faced. The U-turns she had to make, the traffic signs pointing her in the right direction, speed signs changing her pace to victory, the different methods of transportation to her destiny, the one-way streets she took alone to recovery, stopping along the way for repairs by Jesus. Under construction the entire process by the Holy Spirit. All of her steps ordered by her Father Jehovah. Meeting many strangers, angels, tutors, teachers, and guides as she traveled this sometimes tedious and lonely road. Many do not enter signs on her road to obedience. No parking signs indicating this isn't a rest stop to keep moving. Even with all the winding roads, delays in her process, in Behind the Scenes, you will see how she reached her wealth in God, her prosperity in life, health in her body, and wholeness in her mind. "You are something for the Books. You had a rough life but look at you now. Beautiful, just Beautiful. You are a good person. I am honored to know you." ––Joan Sherman, Kenner, Louisiana "Girl, OMG look at you. You look great considering all you have gone through. You should know what you want and don't want with all your life experiences. Amazing, remarkable woman, so glad to know you Anne." ––Mary Anne Neuman, Belle Chase, Louisiana.