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Homelessness, The Destruction of Pride

Truly Surrendered, Broken, and Blessed by God

Samuel G Kinser

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


God took a single prayer and changed my life forever-moving me from homelessness to a position as a law enforcement chaplain. What a journey it has been!

While I was incarcerated in Eugene, Oregon, for being too far behind with my child support payments, I received a Bible from the jail chaplain. Little did I know that one day God would lead me to become the chaplain at Yellowstone County Detention Facility in Billings, Montana, the one who was handing out Bibles to the inmates, but only after a journey of homelessness, hitchhiking around the country for over five thousand miles, sleeping under bridges, and living at the Montana Rescue Mission for well over three years. I had told God I would pay whatever price He needed me to pay that would allow me to serve Him, and my surrender to His will took me from homelessness to a position of respect, working with governors, judges, county commissioners, county sheriffs, and clergy from all over the state of Montana.

The good news is that God is no respecter of persons. What He has done for me, He can also do for you. It is my most sincere prayer that He will use the words of this book to encourage you, build up your faith, and help you to realize that God's love for you is immense. I also pray that the words of this book will help you to know that surrendering everything to Jesus may bring difficult times, but God will honor you in ways that will bring amazing blessings into your life.