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Jesus Is Not a Genie

My Story: the Prodigal Son Returns

Bob Maxwell

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Bob Maxwell was inspired by God to write this book to help prodigals like himself walk a journey as a follower of Christ—and not just as Christians in name only.

The author abandoned God for more than twenty years. When he returned, he learned a powerful lesson: We can’t turn our back on God and come back to him when we are in trouble, rub the Jesus genie bottle, and expect Him to take our troubles away.

Prodigals chose to follow God and accepted His free gift of salvation and eternity in Heaven, but at some point, they became angry at God and left the relationship. They turned their backs on God and His teachings in the Bible.

Maxwell recalls his time away from God as well as how his life was spiraling downward so much that he considered suicide. Overwhelmed by drinking, drugs, and a failing marriage, God took a broken, lost soul and resurrected him into a strong, God-fearing disciple.

No matter what you are going through, you’ll be inspired by this testimony of a believer who turned his back on God only to find out that God had never turned His back on him.

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