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2 Peter

Growing in Christ Amid False Teaching

Harry Uprichard

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Peter’s second letter is about growing in Christ amid false teaching so that Christ’s character will be reflected in our lives. Peter begins by explaining true knowledge of God. It is a saving, growing, fruitful, assured and remembered knowledge. The source of this true knowledge of God is Scripture. Scripture comes from God. Men spoke from God carried along by the Holy Spirit.

Peter next contrasts false knowledge of God with true knowledge of God. There are false teachers among the churches Peter addresses, whose precursors are the false prophets of the Old Testament. Arrogance, sensuality, and emptiness characterize these false teachers. They not only deny the truth but also live immoral lives. False knowledge of God leads nowhere but to God’s condemnation and to eternal death.

Peter finally writes of practical knowledge of God. He recalls the predictions of the prophets and the commandment of their Lord and Saviour through the apostles. Practical knowledge of God produces godly living, assures that God fulfils all his promises in Scripture, and confirms growth in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. All of this is possible through Scripture. Let’s together see how Peter explains in detail how to grow in Christ amid false teaching.

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