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Thoughts of Grace

Inspiration and Hope for Troubled Times

Grace Evangeline Oettinger BA MEd

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


When her husband of 32 years announces that he no longer has loving feelings for her, Grace is completely blindsided. Theirs had been a Christian home. What had gone wrong? With no answers, only questions, she turns to God, desperate for help and healing. Through searching His Word, praying and using the artistic gifts God gave her, Grace rediscovers the peace, confidence and joy that only He can give. Here, she shares her story of anguish, encouragement and inspiration with the hope of helping others in a time of crisis.

Grace has the ability to draw you into God’s Word in a fresh way, weaving Scriptures among her artistic painting and delighting us with creative information about flowers.
Out of her personal pain, she has allowed God to transform her into His likeness, each brush stroke drawing her closer to the One who heals every heartache. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to meditate on God’s powerful scriptures and enjoy her creative artistry, you’ll be inspired to embrace these truths that come alive through Grace’s creative touch.
~Ruth Coghill, Author, Speaker, and Encourager

This is such a beautiful and heartfelt book by artist Grace Oettinger who uses her exquisite artistic talent to share with others the glories of God’s creation during a time of suffering in her life. I would have great difficulty naming a favourite painting as each one touched my soul in gentle and life-giving ways. My view of God and His truth expanded as I lingered over the richness of Grace’s works of art and I pray this book and each painting will be blessed by Him to bring healing and inspiration to others.
~Judy Cairns, Director of the Women’s Ministries Institute, FEB Central


A lovely combination of beauty, faith, and vulnerability. Grace brings a sincere offering of hope and encouragement in the form of art and personal testimony of overcoming loss and grief.
~Ingrid Reichard, National Faith and Life Director,
The Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches



Divorce, Spiritual Life, Faith Development, Christian Life, Hope, Encouragement, Suffering