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Why Question Jesus

Adedayo Adeniji

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


There are so many repeated questions about why God does what He does, Why Jesus does what He does, Why the Holy Spirit does what He does and why the disciples of Jesus do what they did do. Because i’d been asking so many questions, before and after my baptism, i went to the source the Bible and looked at all the questions that were asked of Jesus. So i decided to write this short poetry book, ‘Why Question Jesus’ I was inspired from my evangelistic journey, published in my first book, ‘Deja-Vu, God Loves You, Not Impossible’ People started to say, “Who is she”, or “Who are they” Then i thought, “Don’t ask me, ask God! Actually ask God in human form, His Son Jesus Christ, ‘Covenant Partner’ Enjoy!

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inspirational, religion, why question jesus