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How to Say What You Mean Without Being Mean

Jan D. Thomas

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Do you wonder why you get yourself into arguments that don’t matter, or you say things you don’t mean but sound really mean? Would you like to learn how to change that? In How to Say What you Mean without Being Mean, author Jan D. Thomas offers a Christian-based guide to help you better communicate with others. Thomas explores a host of issues and suggests ways to communicate more effectively and facilitate more harmony in your relationships—with God and others—while learning to understand and even love yourself better. How to Say What you Mean without Being Mean discusses: • what communication is; • the role of communication and ways to work at it; • learning how to communicate; • the results of poor communication; • reprogramming your communication process; • hearing and understanding; • the problem of pride in communication; • resolving conflict; and more. This guide communicates that as a Christian, you have a power within you to help you improve your relationships with others. That power stems from God, is God, and it is the power to love as God loves.



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