On the Eighth Day

A Catholic Theology of Sport

Matt Hoven, Max T. Engel, J. J. Carney, et al.

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During a 1980s Edmonton Oilers game, fans unveiled a banner claiming, "e;On the 8thday, God created Gretzky."e; Intersections between religious belief and sportingparticipation are nothing new, where players, coaches, and fans are known to pray,cross themselves, and point to the heavens during a game. But what should be therelationship between sports and religious faith?On the Eighth Dayintroduces the theology of sport from a Catholic standpoint. Itwrestles with sport's universal appeal, its rich symbolism, and its spiritual and moralcharacteristics. Sport is a place where embodied games can be sacramental; wheretraditions of the past speak to contemporary peoples; and where truth and justice aredemanded in a world affected by sin. The eighth day recalls the playful, re-creative work of God the Creator embodiedin Christ's resurrection. In this sense, this book marks out a "e;new day"e; in Christianattitudes toward modern sport and the continuing call to redeem sport in service ofhuman flourishing. Comprehensive yet accessible, the book will engage thoughtfullay sports fans and academic students alike.

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