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Dirt and Stardust

Finding Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount

Jeremy Duncan

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Are you ready to give Jesus a second look? Many of us have absorbed an image of Jesus from the culture around us. Once that sinks in everything we experience, watch, hear, or read only serves to reinforce what we think we already know about him. There is so much more to the story though. In this book, we'll take an honest look at one of the best-known passages in Scripture--Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Some of the concepts you will explore in a new way are: -What it means to be poor in spirit -How to be the salt of the earth -Why Jesus turned the law on its head -How God's judgment displays graciousness and generosity -What Jesus' model for prayer really tells us about our relationship with God -How seeking, asking, and knocking impacts you--and those around you -What taking "the narrow road" means for your life If you are interested in exploring Jesus' teaching, read Dirt and Stardust and see that you are a part of what is good about both the dirt under your feet and the cosmos above your head. You are invited into a story much bigger than you were perhaps first told about.

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