Catholic to the Core!

Thoughts, Reflections, and Questions for Pastors, Parents, Administrators, and the Staff and Faculty of Today's Catholic Schools

Kathy Husak-Tarnacki

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Catholic to the Core was born out of a restlessness in the heart of the author. Since the early 1990s, Kathy Husak-Tarnacki felt a very distinct call from God to focus her skills and passions regarding education in a way that honored Christ in every way possible. The call was so clear to her that she approached her pastor at the time and asked for permission to open a school within the church. She had never been a principal and had never taken formal classes regarding administration, but she knew that when God calls, he equips. And that he did! The years that followed were filled with unexpected twists and turns in her professional career and her journey of faith, from Catholicism to a non-denominational setting, then back to the Catholic Church. Each step exposed her to new aspects of the possibilities and challenges present when you pursue Christ wholeheartedly, as well as highlighting how far schools have fallen from fulfilling their God-given purpose. These experiences filled her heart and mind with thoughts, questions, concerns, and possible solutions for the lukewarm atmospheres of many of our Catholic schools. In 2014 she felt a tugging to begin to write her thoughts down on paper, not sure exactly what the purpose would be. Now in 2022, she is blessed with the opportunity to publish what she wrote and share it with the hope that it will encourage conversation, reflection, and determined action.

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