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The Culmination of God's New Covenant of Grace

Ben R. Cleveland

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God's New Covenant of Grace was first published in the author's local newspaper in 1986-1987 as a weekly column. There was mixed interest in the column with most of the opposition coming from the professional clergy. Concerned with the negativity of the clergy, he laid the writings aside, but the Holy Spirit would not leave them dormant. When he retired in 2012 as the accountant and auditor of the city of Alexander City, Alabama, he was moved by the Holy Spirit to revive the writings, and after much soul-searching and self-debate, he breathed new life into this book: The Culmination of God's New Covenant of Grace.

It is the author's assertion that a deep read and thoughtful study of all the doctrines, precepts, and concepts as presented in The Culmination of God's New Covenant of Grace will prove to be highly beneficial to every Christian or to each seeker of truth. What America and the world need most in this hour of confusion, uncertainty, and growing hostility toward God is clarification and definition of what Almighty God is saying to and asking of America and of the world. Even more important, what is He saying to and asking of the church of grace, the body of Christ in which the spirit of apostasy and open rejection of basic doctrines of biblical morality and of spiritual purity are growing largely unchecked and unchallenged by many pastors and other church authorities who are particularly and primarily charged by the Holy Spirit with the maintenance of these biblical morality and spiritual purity doctrines within God's church?

Open your heart as you read and study The Culmination of God's New Covenant of Grace, and you will see and hear renewed and fresh Revelation! Blessed is he or she that responds! God be with you in your quest for relevant truth!

Several years of serious scriptural research went into the drafting of the original columns of the 1980s, and this book is basically a recapture of the biblical precepts and concepts as presented in those columns with some updating and clarifications as appropriate.

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