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For King and Kingdom

Recovering the Lost Paradigm

Darren Green

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


For 2000 years, we have preached a gospel focused on being saved from hell and going to heaven. We have made Jesus our Savior and Lord but not our King. We have focused on planting churches and finding the best way to run church services, meetings, and programs. In the interim, we have not been valuing our life here on earth but instead looking to the heavens awaiting the return of Jesus.

Despite the Kingdom of God being the most important message of all time that Jesus spoke on, like the elephant in the room, we have simply ignored it or treated it as an abstract concept. Some have filed it away in the too-hard basket.

For King and Kingdom recovers this lost paradigm. Bringing to the fore a lost King and Kingdom, it challenges us to consider how we should be living our daily lives accordingly within it.

"I hereby sentence you to an unending process of sighting, seeing, seeking, seizing, being seized, searching, soaring, singing, speaking and, yes, sharing in the unconfined realm of His limitless Kingdom with no borders, no horizons, no yesterdays, no tomorrows, no waiting, no weeping over the past, no worrying over the future, living in one eternal NOW in the family of God."

Jack R. Taylor (Papa Jack Taylor)

Cosmic Initiative (unpublished edition)