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The Anatomy of Church Leaders

Noel G. Clavecilla

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


"The church of our Lord is like a body with Christ as the Head. Since only the Head is perfect, the body, which is the church, is subject to illness or disorderliness--just like a human body." The body of Christ is composed of people of diverse social, cultural, and spiritual maturity backgrounds, so friction amongst each other is most likely to occur. There is no such thing as a "trouble-free church" because all local churches are being led by people who have their own imperfections. In some cases, these leaders walk in Spirit with pure godly motives, while others are controlled by fleshly desires with selfish motives. The body of Christ needs godly human leaders to support and maintain its orderliness. The victory or failure of a church ministry depends on the church leaders' "character, maturity, mindset, and practices." This book gives the philosophies that every church leader should possess and offers biblical and practical solutions to some of the most common problems that every local church face, based on the many years of experience of the author.

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