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Life Woven into God

Sermons for the Lectionary, Year B, Pentecost through Christ the King

Bruce L. Taylor

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Continuing his series of sermons for the Common Lectionary (Revised), Bruce Taylor offers theologically rich, sacramentally sensitive, and biblically centered proclamations for the Sundays and major feast days of Year B, from Pentecost through Christ the King (Reign of Christ), and a sample of preaching from the Daily Lectionary. As in his other sermon collections, readers will find here a strong testimony to Christian unity and a deep appreciation of the heritage and contemporary relevance of the church as well as the importance of individual discipleship. Taylor's examples of story sermons are poignant and demonstrate how this style of preaching can be profound as well as engaging. Preachers and devotional readers alike will find Life Woven into God a welcome companion to their discovery of the treasures of the liturgical year and faithful exploration of Mark's Gospel, along with the accompanying Scripture passages commended for use in Christian worship.

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