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God and Humanity at Marshall

Toward November 14, 1970, and Beyond

Mark Coppenger

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The movie We Are Marshall brought national attention to the tragic loss and dramatic reconstitution of the school's football team. But neither this film nor the Emmy-winning documentary, Marshall University: Ashes to Glory, explores the spiritual context and effect of the plane crash. Few know that a visiting campus preacher touched the life of a popular defensive lineman the week before his ill-fated flight; that a campus minister was surprised several weeks later by a nighttime visit from students who'd come to ask "the Jesus man" how to be saved; that two years before the crash, a new, young professor, with a doctorate from India, enlisted five students to help evangelize the campus; and that three decades later, a devout linebacker urged the coach to change the name of a play since it was demeaning to women. The story extends back to the school's log-church beginnings, up through the decades when campus Ys generated foreign missionaries, to the national championship years, when key players testified freely to their faith--nearly two centuries of spiritual highs (and yes, lows) in the life of this remarkable school.

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