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Living Deep in a Shallow World

Sanford Zensen

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Living Deep in a Shallow World was written for the Christ-follower who wants more out of life than the typical, daily Christian experience, especially living in a culture that majors on pointless pursuits, questionable moral issues, destructive behavioral patterns, and values of lesser importance--those that promise much but deliver so little. The book challenges the reader to live as God intended--approaching all of life with an eternal perspective, pursuing excellence everywhere, serving the kingdom of God in the place of God's choosing, loving God and people more deeply, relying more fully on God in times of trial and trouble, taking seriously the coming judgment of God, and finally sharing the gospel message of God's love and mercy in both "word and deed." Living Deep in A Shallow World is the way life was meant to be--the self-life crucified, dead and gone, and the Christ-life, alive and functioning well. The need for deep people who model Christlikeness and live like Jesus, think like Jesus, and love like Jesus is critical and necessary for the effectiveness and testimony of the church and the individual believer wanting to live better and deeper in a messed-up world.

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