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Instructions Not Given: Building the Tribe

The Art of Co-Parenting & Blending Families

Aset Rising, OB 3Peat

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Instructions Not Given: Building the Tribe is the 20-year journey of one blended family. Aset Rising and OB3 are the proud, divorced co-parents of five children. Together they have battled their egos, past mistakes, a terminal illness and each other to put their children’s well-being first. Through childhood, dating, sex, cheating, lies, divorce and trap houses these two have broken every vow, but one: keep the children first. They share how the final decision to divorce has been their secret to keeping them together as a family.This is a memoir, which touches on topics such as:·       Overcoming personal problems with your ex·       Respecting your ex’s new spouse·       Forming a united front when disciplining your children·       Setting up a workable child-care plan without involving the courts·       Accepting and caring for your stepchildren as your ownThis book uses raw language and recounts of actual events to destroy the walls of secrecy and drama that often surround blended families. It shines light on how the personal relationship of parents can eclipse the raising of children and why such pettiness and selfishness must not be tolerated. Aset Rising and OB3 advocate prioritizing the children over everything, protecting them at all costs, being merciful with your co-parent and taking the whole family to therapy if and when necessary.The solid friendship of these two divorcees, complete with its own secret handshake, is the foundation upon which their blended family is built. And they are still building. Learn from their example. Join the tribe as they explore the art of co-parenting and blending families.

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