Mentalization Guidebook

Janne Oestergaard Hagelquist

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


The Mentalization Guidebook is a tool for professionals working with traumatisted and neglected people who want to use mentalization in their work. The intention of the book is to show the best concepts, psychoeducation and tools of mentalization and trauma psychology. The purpose is to share those models and tools, along with the best tips and tricks that can be used in the daily practice working with mentalizing.The Guidebook communicates the mentalization subject in a way that is easy to follow and accessible to non-professionals and professionals alike. The illustrations help reduce the abstract content and perhaps excessive intellectualisation that can characterise the field on this subject to something that through the medium of visual presentation becomes immediately obvious and concrete for the professional and non-professional user.

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