How Your Brain Is Wired

An Owner's Manual

Crawford Hollingworth, Cathy Tomlinson

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


As 95 per cent of our brain activity carries on at a subconscious level, we’re not always aware of why we think what we think and do the things we do. Sometimes these subconscious wirings can make us think or act in ways that are not optimal for our happiness – they can bring out the illogical in us all. How Your Brain Is Wired  draws on recent breakthroughs in our understanding of how the brain really works, empowering the reader to take control over their own behaviour. Full of insight and practical advice, it equips you with a toolkit of simple changes you can put into action to:

  • reduce conflict and anxiety
  • achieve a positive mindset
  • make better decisions
  • have more fun
  • and reach new goals.
This book is about rewiring your attitudes; re-seeing yourself and your choices. It reveals something rather magical: how tiny tweaks to your behaviour can be all you need to deliver a big, sometimes thrilling, reboot to your life.

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