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Counsel From Psalm 119

Jay E. Adams

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Of what particular value is Psalm 119 to the counselor? First, individual verses, like those in Proverbs, will be of value for counselors to expound, apply and then ask counselees to memorize so that they may use them as "Portable truth." Second, since every verse in one way or another points to the Scriptures, the importance of and the need for learning and living according to the Bible is brought forward by the Psalm (precisely what most Christians need to learn). Third, there is much particularized help for afflicted, suffering, sinning, puzzled Christians-just the stuff of which counseling is made. All-in-all, you will probably find Psalm 119 as helpful as any book in the Bible for use in counseling once you have come to know it and learn how to use it.

But this is not simply a book about counseling. The 119th Psalm is the prayer notebook of a man who solved every problem by learning and obeying the Scriptures. In verse after verse, he explained how he personally was helped, guided, and sustained in every area of his life. Let Jay Adams help you use this Psalm to grow in your love for the Scriptures and minister it to others.



Nouthetic Counseling, Biblical Counseling, Psalm 119