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The Big Lie

Giving up Our Rights

Ralph Good

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The Bible contains the knowledge and the message of God, and it is a powerful tool that can guide our lives along the path of truth and righteousness. Yet there are many in the world who wish to exploit this power and use false teachings to deceive others and steal from them. So how can we safeguard ourselves and our salvation from these falsehoods and know that we have received the truth of Gods Word? In The Big Lie: Giving Up Our Rights, author Ralph Good shares his own investigation into the false teaching that Christians should give up their personal rights. As he grew in his knowledge of Gods Word and studied the subject of rights, Ralph found that there is no biblical evidence to support such teachings, which in fact contradict what the Bible actually says about rights. All translators of the Bible who use the word rights condemn as wicked and evil those who deny the rights of others, even going so far as to condemn them as unjust, doomed, rebellious, and stupid. There are false teachers in the church today who are telling people that they have to give up their rights, that they dont have rights, and that their rights have been nailed to the cross. The Big Lie reveals these untruths and exposes false preachers, showing instead that the Bible commends the righteous who stand up for and defend the rights of others, especially the poor, the helpless, the oppressed, foreigners, orphans, and widows.

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