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Love [Your City]

5 Steps to Citywide Movements

Jacob Bloemberg

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


What if the church in your city becomes known for its love? God is on the move and doing a new thing around the globe. Citywide movements and global urban mission are two merging trends turning the church inside-out. In cities worldwide, the church is becoming known for its love, like Jesus said. How can you start such a movement in your city, town, or community? Most urban mission textbooks are written from and for a Western context, but this book is different! Jacob Bloemberg shares the story of Love Hanoi, a campaign-turned-movement that has been enjoying success since 2012 in the capital city of Vietnam. In this book, he provides the theological foundation of building the city and explains how urban mission concepts can be adapted for citywide movements in any cultural context. Love [Your City] also features practical tools and helpful tips for students, practitioners, and mission leaders so that they, too, can start transforming their cities and making the church known for its love!

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