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Bees with Attitudes

Samantha Orlando

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Bees with Attitudes is a story about a second grade girl named Ruth and some bees who help her learn about the beatitudes found in the Bible, in the book of Matthew chapter five. The eight beatitudes that Jesus teaches about in his sermon on the mount are the attitudes that Christians should have here on this Earth because they reflect Christ. The book begins with the Scripture reference of the beatitudes.

In this story, Ruth and her second grade class take a field trip to the most famous honey plant in her town to learn about the honey making process. Ruth wanders off from the class and finds herself having conversations with some friendly bees. These bees begin to tell Ruth about why their honey is the best and they tell her it is because of their attitudes. The bees then begin to tell Ruth about the beatitudes in the Bible. Ruth is fascinating by what she learned and then tells her parents on her way home from the field trip. They help Ruth relate the bees and their attitudes to Jesus and our attitudes. At the end of the book Ruth has a question for all the readers.