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Essentials of Response to Intervention

Amanda M. VanDerHeyden, Matthew K. Burns

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Quickly acquire the knowledge and skills you need to accurately and effectively implement Response to Intervention (RTI) programs As adoption of the RTI model grows, professionals such as educational diagnosticians, school psychologists, general and special education teachers, and school administrators are eager to find resources that describe the theory behind it and provide useful guidelines for its effective implementation. Packaged in the user-friendly Essentials series format, and authored by two RTI experts, Essentials of Response to Intervention provides just that resource. This book offers a concise overview of the features of RTI, instruction for its implementation, and post-implementation guidelines for assessing whether a program has been effective. Like all the volumes in the Essentials of Psychological Assessment series, this book is designed to help busy mental health practitioners, and those in training, quickly acquire the psychoeducational assessment knowledge and skills they need. Each concise chapter features numerous callout boxes highlighting key concepts, bulleted points, and extensive illustrative material, as well as test questions that help you to gauge and reinforce your grasp of the information covered. Complete with a Foreword by Jim Ysseldyke, Essentials of Response to Intervention offers rich and up-to-date information on obtaining meaningful data for decision making, evaluation of the research base for RTI, and clinical applications of RTI. Other titles in the Essentials of Psychological Assessment series: Essentials of WISC-IV Assessment, Second Edition Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment, Second Edition Essentials of Evidence-Based Academic Interventions Essentials of WJ IIITM Cognitive Abilities Assessment Essentials of WJ IIITM Tests of Achievement Assessment Essentials of WIAT-III and KTEA-II Assessment Essentials of Processing Assessment Essentials of Assessment Report Writing


--Sharon Vaughn, Ph.D., Executive Director, MeadowsCenter for Preventing Educational Risk H.E.Hartfelder/SouthlandCorp Regents Chair, University of Texas at Austin
"This jewel of a book truly lives up to its title providing theessential information needed for school-based practitioners abouthow to implement Response To Intervention (RTI) usingresearch-based practices. While there are many books on RTI, thisone by VanDerHeyden and Burns provides all of the essentialinformation to actually implement RTI at the district, school,class, and student level."
--James H Wendorf, Executive Director, National Centerfor Learning Disabilities
"VanderHeyden and Burns deftly explore the history of RtI andthen provide a comprehensive guide to its implementation.Complexities and challenges are addressed head-on with concretesolutions and recommendations for educators. Readers will come awaywith a robust understanding of RtI, as well as encouragement to putit into practice so that all students can benefit."
--Jack M. Fletcher, Ph.D., Department of Psychology,University of Houston Texas Medical Center Annex
"A practical guide for education professionals and othersinterested in RTI models, Essentials of Response toIntervention is a thorough review of the issues involved inthese approaches to assessment and service delivery in schools. Thebook contains many useful appendices for assessment and formonitoring of intervention integrity that can be used for RTIimplementation. The authors do a marvelous job of tying practicalimplementation issues to the available research base supporting RTImodels, and also clearly highlight areas of difficulty withimplementation and limitations of RTI approaches to theidentification of children for special education services."
--Edward S. Shapiro, Ph.D., Director, Center forPromoting Research to Practice Professor, School Psychology LehighUniversity, Bethlehem, PA
"This is an incredibly rich resource. Burns and VanDerHeydenhave managed to put into one small volume, the research, practice,successes, and challenges of implemented RTI models. They offerpractical and clear examples, support their presentation with arich understanding of the literature, and offer a resource thatwill be beneficial long into the future. The volume offers alleducators associated with RTI implementation a "one-stop shop" ofinformation and practical knowledge on RTI implementation. Inaddition, the volume will become required reading for pre-servicetraining of all educational personnel. Thank you, Matt and Amandafor this incredible addition to an already too crowded field ofresources on RTI."
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