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Getting Started in Private Practice

The Complete Guide to Building Your Mental Health Practice

Chris E. Stout, Laurie C. Grand

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All the tips and tools you need to build a successful mental healthpractice from the ground up Many mental health professionals currently working for grouppractices, hospitals, and private or government agencies have boththe skills and the drive to become solo practitioners. But how andwhere do you begin? Getting Started in Private Practice is a reliable reference thatoffers the comprehensive information and armchair motivation youneed to establish and build your own practice from the ground up.User-friendly and full of helpful tips, this handy book providesyou with tools and techniques for starting and maintaining athriving private practice, including information on: * Discovering your ideal practice * Creating a business plan * Financing your start-up * Setting fees * Setting up shop and measuring results * Minimizing risk * Managing managed care * Marketing your practice * Generating referrals * Utilizing additional print, Web, and organizationalresources From major concerns such as ethics and liability to day-to-daymatters like selecting stationery and business cards, GettingStarted in Private Practice puts the best solutions at yourfingertips. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned pro,this invaluable resource will help you minimize the uncertainty ofestablishing a solo practice while maximizing the rewards.

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