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Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching

How to Create a Thriving Coaching Practice

Chris E. Stout, Stephen G. Fairley

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Find satisfaction and financial success with a new career incoaching Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching offers a go-toreference designed to help every mental health professional build,manage, and sustain a thriving coaching practice. Packed withhundreds of proven strategies and techniques, this nuts-and-boltsguide covers all aspects of the coaching business with step-by-stepinstructions and real-world illustrations that prepare you forevery phase of starting your own coaching business. This single, reliable book offers straightforward advice and toolsfor running a successful practice, including: * Seven tools for making a great first impression * Fifteen strategies for landing ten paying clients * Seven secrets of highly successful coaches * Ten marketing mistakes to avoid Complete with sample business and marketing plans and worksheetsfor setting rates and managing revenue, Getting Started in Personaland Executive Coaching identifies the fifteen biggest moneymakingmarkets to target and offers valuable recommendations for financingthat get the most impact and mileage from every budget. Quick"Action Steps" for applying ideas and techniques make this bookuseful right away. Get started in coaching today!

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